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In the weakness of oneself is a strength, which nothing can bind, that endures even us. The incredible recovery and the urge to try again. To renew ourselves in the light of those who have been, who still are, and ask not. Who by their faith and suffering have made known to us, in our time, that the true real life starts here within us…

The Emin is an ongoing exploration and endeavour to respond to the summons of the times in which we live and the urgent need we feel, in common with many others, to reclaim our lives to their natural purpose. The Emin has been pioneered and maintained as an open and unfinished philosophy of life and living for over 48 years.

The Emin gives rise to new and original templates for discovery and understanding across many fields of timeless human preoccupation and study. This template pattern offers a variety of frameworks for the personal and spiritual development of the inner and future life and facilitates a natural education in the practical and purposeful arts of living.

There is no organisation or society called 'The Emin'. Individuals, who share the same philosophical foundations, meet together in independent template networks in many countries, as well as internationally, in companionship for the exchange of ideas and discoveries.

Thousands of people have come into contact with the Emin in the years and for many it continues to be of profound assistance to their lives. People become involved to whatever degree they wish and for as long as they find useful.