In 1971 in London, England, a chance meeting brought together Raymond Armin, known as Leo, and a small group of individuals who were actively seeking answers about the purposes of life.

What they met was a man whose life was dedicated to reaching beyond the obvious of what he found in the world, to come into contact with the core purposes and essences of life and meaning. The tangible results of Leo's work and development touched a chord that resonated in these people. In all their travels and searching, they had never encountered such a range of understanding about how things work and why, or such a depth of feeling about life itself.

Their inspiration about the kind of work he had done and the kind of man he had become, led them to ask Leo to spend time with them and teach them about his philosophy and its application, to help them in their own quest. Although an intensely private man, Leo agreed, and in the meetings that followed something new, live and exciting was born. More and more people chose to join in, forming a shared endeavour in an open spirit of search, research and discovery, and creating an ecology of mutual support for each individual's self-chosen and self-directed personal development.

We lost a very true and valued friend when Leo died in 2002. He was a truly remarkable man of simplicity and profound genius who ceaselessly gave of himself to the benefit of others. Although not involved in the organisational aspects of any Emin grouping, he was ever-willing to respond to the genuine needs of others and continued until the end of his life to deepen and share the fruits of his labour with them.

From the results of our own endeavours, and with the exampleship and the bounty of wisdom left to us for our further discovery therein and therefrom, it is our inspiration and mission to continue in the further unfolding and development of this great work.