Green - The Core Proposition

As a starting point, consider the evidence available to us in Nature and the Planet itself, which supports us - for humankind is unable to pervert the natural laws of Creation, which are an authority greater than ourselves, transcendent from and part of the Creator.

The Emin begins with the proposition that the human is not alone, being one part of a vast Creation and designed to integrate ultimately with the Creation Causer itself. Human life need not end at physical death - existence on earth being an opportunity to connect to and develop the essential qualities for continuance beyond planetary appearance.

At its heart, the Emin is a quest to understand human life in relation to all else, particularly the potent realms of the origins, causes and reasons for things. These worlds, mostly unseen and beyond our general perception, have always been present on this planet, ever seeking to guide and urge the human towards the purposes and truth of life.

Every human, whether born in the 5th, the 12th or the 21st century, has opened their eyes on a world not intrinsically different to that of their ancestors - in the same form, with the same faculties and feelings with which to make sense of their lives. Despite the temporary truths of circumstance and the aggregation of human knowledge and potential in each age, the inner core purposes of human life remain the same and are connected to the permanent line of evolutionary possibility.