White - The Emin Unto Itself

Settle then.
Be still a moment.
Try again.
The greatness
in the breath of thee begs
thee try.

The original founders of the philosophy called the nature of their quest 'the Way'. Only later was the name changed to 'Emin' with its ancient meaning of 'faithful'.

The Emin way is rooted in a deep awe and reverence for the faithfulness of the constant, permanent and undeniable truth of the Causer and Causes of the Creation. It proceeds from a profound respect and gratitude for all that faithfully upholds the order of the Creation, which supports the continuance of life and possibility therein.

The Emin as an endeavour is not exclusive and does not carry or claim authority of any kind, but seeks to further all that is good and decent in human experience. In the world today, we know that there are many people who also instinctively feel and respond to the wind of change in these times and share the urge to make a constructive contribution.